Getting started with Looker Studio

Learn how you can use Peaka in Looker Studio


  • A Google account: To access Looker Studio, you will need a Google account. If you already have one, you can directly log into Looker Studio. If not, you can create an account in the Looker Studio page.

  • A Peaka account and a Peaka Project.

  • An API Key you created in your Peaka Project.

Using Peaka as a Data Source in Looker Studio

  1. Prepare your data in Peaka.

  2. Click on the following link to add Peaka to Looker Studio as a data source:

  3. To confirm the action, click on the AUTHORIZE button.

    Authorize Looker Studio

  4. Sign in to Looker Studio using your Google account credentials and grant Google access rights by clicking on the ALLOW button.

  5. Paste your Peaka API Key to the "Key" field in Looker Studio.

    Enter API Key

  6. Select a Catalog.

    Catalog Selection
    Catalog Selection Dropdown

  7. Select a Schema (if you are working with a Peaka Table, a Peaka Query, or a BI Table, you will proceed to select a Table without being asked to select a Schema).

    Schema Selection
    Schema Selection Dropdown

  8. Select a Table and click on the "Connect" button.

    Table Selection
    Table Selection Dropdown

  9. Browse the fields and rename the Data Source if needed.

    Edit fields and rename datasource

  10. Add the data source to your report.

You are all set now! You have successfully added Peaka to Looker Studio as a Data Source.

You can now use your queries or tables to create insightful reports in Looker Studio.