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Consolidate your data from SaaS apps and popular data sources. Gain deeper business insights. Save your already busy developers for your product.

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Bring your data together without copying or syncing it.

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Consolidate and query your data and share it across your team. Connect to your data on Hubspot, Shopify, Stripe, or some other database.


Eliminate data silos by merging different sources into a single data source. Ensure that everybody in your organization has access to accurate, complete, and timely data.


No need to wait for synchronization periods. Work on real-time data. Be confident that your data reflects the truth whenever you need it.

automate-logo Automate

Build no-code workflows on top of your consolidated data

Automate repetitive tasks with smart workflows. Give your employees more time to focus on value-creating activities. Boost your team's productivity!

Simplify your back-end and front-end actions with a platform that can do it all. Provide your users with the integrated experience they seek.

Create triggers not only for UI and data but also for scheduled batch jobs. Let Peaka automate all the actions to be taken upon certain user behavior.

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Leverage UI blocks and templates for proven solutions to common problems


Reduce your time-to-market with Peaka's ready-made UI blocks and templates and gain a head start over your competitors. You no longer have to reinvent the wheel every time you start a project.


Quickly build your internal tools using Peaka's app templates and UI blocks. Whether you need a complete HR template or just a few reusable components, Peaka has it all for you.


Turn your data into functional dashboards, slick pages, comprehensive reports, and even powerful web apps.

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popupsmart-logo Popupsmart

‘’Our data was fractured: The problem stemmed from our inability to join the data in our internal Postgre database with the data we have in the SaaS tools we use.’’

actioner-logo Actioner

‘’Our data was siloed prior to switching to Peaka, and this hurt our bottom line. We keep our customer info and email addresses on HubSpot. We use Segment for tracking and storing event data.’’

hop-logo Hop

‘’Our micro-mobility solution runs on a heap of data scattered over Postgre, MongoDB, and internal databases. We have branches in different cities that need dashboards with differing levels of authorization to access data relevant to their job definition.’’

onewell-logo Onewell

‘’Our in-house data is relatively well-organized and easy to access. Our data integration challenges stem from the very nature of our business, which requires us to work with different insurance companies and third parties in every case.’’

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Unlock the Power of Data with Peaka

Do you find it tiring to deal with various scattered data sets?

Have you ever wondered about the possibility of bringing together all the data tools such as HubSpot, Intercom, Google Analytics, JIRA, and MailChimp in a simplified manner?

Well, don’t look further! Here comes Peaka, the easiest way to access, share, and unify your data.

What is data integration?

Modern marketers survive on data and it is their bloodline. It guides decisions, formulates strategy, and influences customers’ perceptions.

However, the industry contains lots of tools and systems leading to many data sources because each has its own format and design.

This is why most marketing teams find it almost impossible to fully utilize and maximize the little data available. That’s where the value of data integration surfaces.

What is Peaka?

Peaka is a cutting-edge no-code data integration tool designed to streamline your data integration needs.

Our cloud data integration solution is the go-to platform for marketing teams, offering real-time data integration and powerful reporting capabilities.

With Peaka, you can effortlessly bring together data from various sources, simplifying your processes and driving results.

Key features

1. No-code data integration platform

Peaka is proud to offer a no-code solution, making data integration accessible to all team members, regardless of their technical expertise.

Traditional data integration often requires significant coding and technical knowledge.

With Peaka’s connectors for other platforms , your marketing team can easily configure and manage data integrations without the need for extensive programming skills.

2. Real-time data integration

Real-time data integration is a source of competitive edge.

Peaka’s real-time data integration enables you to stay on top of all your information, giving you a significant advanstage over your competitors.

3. Scalability

As a SaaS data platform, Peaka is highly flexible and scalable.

It grows with your business, adapting to your evolving needs.

With no installations or complex infrastructure to manage, it allows you to focus on your marketing objectives.

4. Seamless cloud data integration

Peaka excels in cloud data integration, seamlessly connecting your cloud-based tools and applications.

It works effortlessly with various cloud-based services, ensuring that your marketing team has access to data wherever it's stored.

Why choose Peaka?

1. Enhanced data accuracy

By integrating data from various sources into a single platform, Peaka minimizes the risk of errors and inconsistencies in your data. This accuracy is critical for making well-informed decisions and creating reliable reports.

2. Effortless reporting

Creating reports is a breeze with Peaka. The platform offers customizable reporting tools, allowing you to generate the insights and visuals you need to understand and communicate your marketing performance effectively.

3. Deeper customer insights

Peaka's real-time data integration enables you to gain deeper insights into customer behaviors and preferences. With this information, you can tailor your marketing strategies to better engage and convert your target audience.

4. Time and cost savings

Peaka's no-code approach and automation capabilities reduce the time and resources needed for data integration and analysis. This means your marketing team can focus on what truly matters—crafting effective campaigns and strategies.

5. Competitive advantage

With access to unified, real-time data, your marketing team gains a competitive edge. You can respond to market changes faster, spot trends early, and adapt your strategies accordingly.

6. Scalability and future-proofing

Peaka's SaaS nature ensures that it grows with your business. As your marketing needs evolve, Peaka evolves with you, offering the scalability required to support your marketing endeavors.

At Peaka, we are committed to helping your marketing team thrive by offering a comprehensive data integration solution.

With our powerful reporting and association capabilities, you can turn data into actionable insights and make informed decisions.

Don't let data integration challenges hold you back. Discover the future of data management with Peaka. Join the ranks of successful businesses that have harnessed the potential of our no-code data integration platform.

Start your journey with Peaka today and experience the difference for yourself.

Transform your data management with Peaka—the only platform you need to consolidate and make sense of your data.

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