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The only platform you need to consolidate and make sense of your data.

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Bring your data together without copying or syncing it.

Consolidate and query your data and share it across your team. Connect to your data on Hubspot, Shopify, Stripe, or some other database.

Eliminate data silos by merging different sources into a single data source. Ensure that everybody in your organization has access to accurate, complete, and timely data.

No need to wait for synchronization periods. Work on real-time data. Be confident that your data reflects the truth whenever you need it.

automate-logo Automate

Build no-code workflows on top of your consolidated data

Automate repetitive tasks with smart workflows. Give your employees more time to focus on value-creating activities. Boost your team's productivity!

Simplify your back-end and front-end actions with a platform that can do it all. Provide your users with the integrated experience they seek.

Create triggers not only for UI and data but also for scheduled batch jobs. Let Peaka automate all the actions to be taken upon certain user behavior.

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Leverage UI blocks and templates for proven solutions to common problems


Reduce your time-to-market with Peaka's ready-made UI blocks and templates and gain a head start over your competitors. You no longer have to reinvent the wheel every time you start a project.


Quickly build your internal tools using Peaka's app templates and UI blocks. Whether you need a complete HR template or just a few reusable components, Peaka has it all for you.


Turn your data into functional dashboards, slick pages, comprehensive reports, and even powerful web apps.

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create-img create-img create-img

Explore Peaka and see how you can bring your SaaS data together


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