Discover a seamless integration process! Learn how to connect Segment to Peaka effortlessly for streamlined transactions.

This article guides you through the process of connecting Segment to Peaka, allowing you to seamlessly access your Segment data within the Peaka platform.

Generating Segment API Key for Connection

To establish a connection with Segment, you must first generate an API Key and then input it into your Segment account. Follow these steps to obtain the API Key:

  1. Navigate to the Settings Page on Peaka: Access the Settings page within your Peaka account.

  2. Initiate Connection Setup: Within the Settings page, locate and select the option labeled "Add First Connection."

  3. Select Segment Integration: In the modal that appears, choose "Segment" from the list of available integrations.

  4. Provide Segment Catalog Information: Input the necessary information, including the Segment Catalog Name, and proceed by clicking the "Next" button.

fill form of segment integration modal view
  1. Generate API Key: Upon clicking the "Next" button, your unique API Key will be automatically generated. Please note that the API Key will only be displayed once.
get api key from segment connection modal
  1. Copy and Paste API Key: Copy the generated API Key from Peaka and paste it into the designated field within your Segment account settings.

Adding Peaka Destination in Segment

To integrate Peaka with Segment, follow these steps to paste your API Key:

  1. Access Peaka Destination Page: Navigate to the Peaka Destination page on Segment by clicking on the following link:{your-workspace-name}/destinations/catalog/peaka

  1. Add Peaka as Destination: On the Peaka Destination page, locate and click on the "Add Destination" button.
get api key from segment connection modal
  1. Enter Destination Details: In the dialogue box that appears, provide a name for your destination and proceed by clicking on the "Create Destination" button.
get api key from segment connection modal
  1. Paste API Key: Once the destination is created, locate the designated field for API Key entry. Paste the API Key obtained from Peaka into this field.
get api key from segment connection modal
  1. Save Changes: After pasting the API Key, make sure to save your changes to finalize the integration.