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Amazon Redshift

How to connect Amazon Redshift to Peaka

This article will mention how to connect Amazon Redshift to Peaka.

For connecting Airtable, we need to have port, host, user name, password and database name.

Follow the steps below to connect it.

  1. Go to Amazon Redshift.

  2. Create your cluster.

  1. After clicking the Create Cluster button, it will redirect you to fill some of information. Your password and user fill be as you see in the image below.
  1. If you make off defaults of Additional configurations, you can modify your database name. If you dont want to do it, your database name will be named dev and port will be 5439 as default. After completing to filling inputs, click the Create Cluster button which is the bottom of page. Creating will take a couple of minutes.

5.You can reach your host knowledge from properties tab.

  1. Enter your user, password, port, host.Also you can make on Connect through TLS switch if SSL is active.

That's it. Your connection will be created.

Note: Connecting Amazon Redshift may have some different ways according to users' setups. If you have some troubles, please ask our Support Team.