The concept of 'Output' and how to make use of it in Peaka

Learn about outputs in Peaka and how you can use them effectively

This article explains the concept of outputs in Peaka and provides guidance on how to make the most of them in your workflows.

Understanding Outputs

In Peaka, outputs are automatically generated variables that capture data returned by a node within your workflow. These variables store the results of node execution, allowing you to access and manipulate the data for further actions or processing.

output of a flow node

Creating Custom Output Variables

Besides automatically generated output variables, you can also create custom output variables to store specific data or results from your workflow. This feature provides flexibility and control over the data you want to capture.

Creating Custom Output Variables in an output

Utilizing Output Variables

To use output variables in your workflow, simply refer to them by their assigned names. You can access the data they contain and incorporate it into subsequent nodes or actions, as illustrated in the image below.

parameters of a flow node


Outputs in Peaka enhance the flexibility and versatility of your workflows. They enable you to capture and manipulate data efficiently, facilitating seamless integration and automation of your projects.