How to make use of the 'Switch / Case' node in Peaka

Learn about the 'Switch / Case' node in Peaka, which allows you to create conditional logic in your workflows

This article provides an introduction to the 'Switch / Case' node in Peaka, explaining its role in creating conditional logic within your workflows.

switch-case flow node view

What is the 'Switch / Case' Node?

The 'Switch / Case' node is a fundamental component in Peaka that enables you to create conditional logic. It allows you to define cases and associate specific actions or nodes with each case. The node evaluates conditions and executes the corresponding case based on the condition that matches.

updated case situation of a switch-case flow node


'Switch / Case' is a versatile feature for adding decision-making capabilities to your workflows. You can use it to create branching logic, handle different scenarios, and control the flow of your Peaka applications effectively.