How to make use of the 'Set Variable' node in Peaka

Learn how to use the 'Set Variable' node in your Peaka workflows to create and manage global and page variables

This article provides an overview of the 'Set Variable' node in Peaka and explains its role in creating and managing global and page variables.

set variable flow node

What is the 'Set Variable' Node?

The 'Set Variable' node is a fundamental component of Peaka that allows you to create and manage variables within your workflows. These variables can be either global or page-specific, depending on your requirements.

parameters of a set variable node flow

Creating Global Variables

When you use the 'Set Variable' node to create a global variable, it becomes accessible and usable throughout your entire application. You can set its initial value, and it retains its value between different pages and interactions.

Creating Global Variables

Creating Page Variables

Page variables, on the other hand, are specific to the current page of your application. They are ideal for storing temporary or context-specific data that is only relevant within the scope of the current page.

Creating Page Variables


Using the 'Set Variable' node empowers you to manage and manipulate data efficiently within your workflows. Whether you need to store user preferences, maintain state information, or manage temporary data, this node offers flexibility and control over your project's variables.