How to make use of the 'Set Page Variable' node in Peaka

Learn about the 'Set Page Variable' node in Peaka and how you can use it to change the value of page variables

This article provides an overview of the 'Set Page Variable' node in Peaka and explains its role in changing the value of page variables.

set page variable flow node

What is the 'Set Page Variable' Node?

The 'Set Page Variable' node is a key element in Peaka that enables you to modify the value of a selected page variable within your workflows.

Changing the Value of Page Variables

To change the value of a page variable using the 'Set Page Variable' node, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by selecting the specific page variable you want to modify.

  2. Then, enter the new value you want to assign to the selected page variable.

That's it! When the node executes within your workflow, it will update the value of the chosen page variable according to the provided input.


The 'Set Page Variable' node empowers you to dynamically alter page variable values, allowing for flexible data manipulation and customizations within your Peaka applications.