How to make use of the 'Set Flow Variable' node in Peaka

Learn about the 'Set Flow Variable' node in Peaka and how to use it to create variables within a specific flow

This article provides an overview of the 'Set Flow Variable' node in Peaka and explains its role in creating variables that are specific to a particular flow.

set flow variable flow node

What is the 'Set Flow Variable' Node?

The 'Set Flow Variable' node is a vital element in Peaka that allows you to create variables within the context of a specific flow. These variables are isolated and can only be accessed within the flow where they are created.

Creating Flow-Specific Variables

To create a flow-specific variable using the 'Set Flow Variable' node, follow these steps:

  1. Start by selecting the 'Set Flow Variable' node within your flow.

  2. Define the variable you want to create and assign it a value.

That's it! You've now created a variable that is accessible only within the scope of the current flow.


The 'Set Flow Variable' node enhances the modularity and control of your workflows by enabling you to create and utilize flow-specific variables for various purposes.