How to make use of the 'Log' node in Peaka

Learn about the 'Log' node in Peaka and how it can be used to log values in your workflows

This article provides an introduction to the 'Log' node in Peaka, explaining its role in logging values during workflow execution.

log node view

What is the Log Node?

The 'Log' node serves as a valuable feature within Peaka, enabling you to efficiently log and display values in the console (located within the developer tools panel) as your workflows run.

update parameters of the log node

Using the Log Node

To utilize the 'Log' node effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the 'Log' node into your workflow.

  2. Provide the value that you want to log in the designated field of the 'Log' node.

  3. When the node executes within your workflow, it logs the specified value to the console in the developer tools panel.

result of the log node


The 'Log' node is a valuable debugging and diagnostic tool, helping you track and understand the flow of data and values as your workflows run. It is particularly useful for troubleshooting and gaining insights into your Peaka applications.