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How to create a flow?

This article will mention how to create a flow and what kind of flows you can create.

Create Flow of Component

When you want to craete a flow of a component, you need to first create click the component and 'Show Flow' button.

Then click the 'Create a new flow' button. So the flow of your component is created. You can add action nodes.

Create Reusable Flow or Backend Flow

Before clicking the 'Show Flow' button, if you selected a component, click the white area of the designer to make the component to be unselected.

Then click the plus icon as you can see in the image below.

Then click the ‘Reusable Flow' button or the 'Backend Flow' button. It will open a modal and enter your flow name and click the 'Create Flow' button.

That's it. Your flow will be created.