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Frontend vs Backend Nodes

This article will mention what frontend and backend nodes are.

In Peaka, we have frontend, backend and common nodes. You can see some of nodes in the image below.

Frontend Nodes

Frontend Nodes are Set App Variable, Set Page Variable and Show Notification. They are working on browser which a computer program with a graphical user interface for displaying and navigating between web pages.

You can use frontend nodes as many as you want. There is no step creadit limit.

Backend Nodes

Backend Nodes are Connections, Records, HTTP Request, Log, Set Flow Variables. They are working on backend.

You can use backend nodes as much as your step credit limit according to your package.

Common Nodes

Common Nodes are Switch / Case, Loops, Fail, Success. They can be frontend node or backend node according to your flow system.

If your common node is a backend node, it will take your step credit limit.


Lastly, you should not use nodes unccessary because it can take your step credits and increases the completion time of the flow.

Since the flows run sequentially, you should pay attention to the order of the nodes you use.