How to create and expose APIs in Peaka

Learn how you can create and expose APIs in Peaka

This article explains how to create and expose APIs using the Peaka platform.

Creating a Backend Flow

To create an API, you need to start by creating a backend flow. If you're not sure how to do this, please refer to our dedicated guide on how to create a backend flow.

Configuring the Webhook Trigger

  1. After creating a backend flow, select the 'Webhook' trigger from the available options.
adding connection nodes to webhook
  1. Add the necessary action nodes to define the behavior of your API. In the last action node, specify the data that you want to return from your API.

Customizing the API URL

You have the flexibility to customize the URL of your API. Simply modify the URL in the 'Url' input field found in the Parameters section.

Accessing Your API

Once you've configured your API, you can copy the API link by clicking the 'Copy webhook URL' button, as shown in the image above. This link can then be used to access and integrate your API as needed.

Accessing Your API with webhooks


Creating and exposing APIs through the Peaka platform allows you to extend the functionality of your applications and share data seamlessly.