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Connecting data using a SaaS connector

How to add a SaaS connector in Peaka

This article will use the Peaka HubSpot connector as an example to show you how you can add a SaaS Connector in Peaka.

First, use the switch button at the top of the page to select the 'Data Model' mode, if you're not already in this mode.

Once in the 'Data Model' mode, click on one of these buttons seen in the image below.

A popup will open. Click on the 'Setup' button of the connector you picked. We will go with the HubSpot connector for this example.

Upon clicking on the 'Setup' button, another popup will appear. Fill in the name of your connection. (Please remember that some connections require you to enter specific values that vary by the connection type.)

Now, hit the 'Sign in' button, and a login popup will open. Complete your login process on that screen.

After you are successfully logged in, you will need to specify the type of data you want, as seen in the image below. Please keep in mind that the type of data you can select can vary depending on the connection type.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your HubSpot data to Peaka.