Intimidated by complex data integration tools? Frustrated by maintaining data pipelines? What if you could do away with both? Intimidated by complex data integration tools?


Unify your data without a data warehouse or ETL processes

No need to invest in data warehouses and big data teams to unify your data. Instead, virtualize and query your data in its source.


Easily pull in data from 300+ ready-made connectors

Enjoy one-click data integration with the most popular data sources and SaaS tools.


Query any data source with natural language

Leverage Peaka’s AI-to-SQL capability to have the platform generate SQL queries for you.


Ingest event and streaming data with webhooks

Land high-velocity, high-volume data in Peaka Big Table and query it any time you want.


Use APIs to expose your unified data to other systems

Once you have consolidated and filtered your data, you can serve other applications with your newly-formed data sets.


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