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Peaka’s Provet Cloud Connector: How to Extend Your Vet CRM
Peaka's Provet Cloud connector enables the popular veterinary practice management software to integrate with other data sources
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Peaka’s Provet Cloud Connector: How to Extend Your Vet CRM

Data integration is regarded as an enterprise-only field where organizations with thousands of employees invest millions of dollars in state-of-the-art hardware and software to break down data silos and unify their data. The data integration needs of startups and SMBs were ignored, and these companies were left to their own devices as they struggled to consolidate their scattered data without the means to buy enterprise-grade software or employ large data teams.

From day one, Peaka has focused on solving the data integration pains of startups and SMBs. That’s why we’ve launched many connectors for the most popular SaaS tools over the last two years. Although most of those connectors were for generalized tools, our last launch caters to a specific vertical: Veterinary clinics.

Vet clinics are similar to other healthcare institutions with regard to data: They create a surprisingly large amount of data, and data security and privacy concerns are paramount for their operations. Veterinary practice management software like Provet Cloud helps manage this complexity. When you need a bit more than that, Peaka’s Provet Cloud connector provides even your modest local vet clinic with cutting-edge data integration capability.

What is Provet Cloud?

Provet Cloud is a cloud-based vet practice software specially built for veterinary clinics. It is an all-in-one platform, giving users a holistic view of their operations, from appointments to patient records to invoicing and payment tracking.

Here are some of the functions Provet Cloud brings to the table:

Patient records: Provet Cloud serves as an online repository for anything and everything related to patients, including their medical history, diagnoses, and treatments being applied.

Online booking: Pet owners can use Provet Cloud to make appointments, which lessens the workload of the staff at a vet clinic.

Communication: Provet Cloud can send pet owners emails reminding them about their upcoming appointments or vaccinations and collect feedback from them.

Inventory management: Provet Cloud enables users to monitor stock levels of medications, supplies, and equipment. It can automatically reorder when stock levels are below a certain threshold, ensuring that operations run smoothly.

Reporting: Provet Cloud unifies the data from distributed clinics, giving users a holistic view of their business operations across all branches. Users can leverage the platform to generate reports on the performance of individual clinics and employees and the overall financial performance of the business.

Billing and invoicing: Provet Cloud offers a one-click billing and invoicing process. It feeds invoices to the accounting software, helps track overdue payments, and sends reminders to clients with overdue payments, eliminating some of the repetitive work the accounting department has to handle.

What is Peaka?

Zero-ETL data platform

Peaka is a zero-ETL data platform for startups and SMBs that was developed to replace the modern data stack, which is too expensive to set up, too complicated to use, and too demanding to maintain.

Peaka offers a new way of integrating data through data virtualization without the need for complex and time-consuming ETL processes. By virtualizing your data tables, Peaka establishes a semantic layer over relational and NoSQL databases, SaaS tools, and APIs, immediately allowing users to query disparate data sources as a single source.

Serverless connector infrastructure

In addition to its zero-ETL data integration capability, Peaka also functions as a serverless connector infrastructure for its customers.

SaaS startups need to tackle a formidable challenge as they grow: Integrating with their customers' tech stacks. This wouldn’t be an issue if all companies used data warehouses, but that’s not the case. For most companies, the tech stack consists of a bunch of SaaS tools. The set of SaaS tools varies from one customer to the other, requiring a startup to ship connectors at scale if it is to close deals, gain traction, and grow.

However, this is easier said than done. Building a single integration can take weeks or even months. With a small and already overwhelmed engineering team, building the necessary connectors at a quick rate becomes a challenge. Maintaining these connectors is even harder and difficult, especially when connectors begin to malfunction due to the changes in third-party APIs.

Peaka provides these startups with a serverless connector infrastructure they can use to quickly launch “white-label” SaaS connectors that are up-to-date, scalable, and capable of performing at a high level at all times. This reduces the development costs for startups, makes them more agile in responding to connector requests, improves the conversion rates, and minimizes maintenance costs.

What does Peaka’s Provet Cloud Connector do?

Provet Cloud is a dedicated CRM software for veterinary clinics, developed with their particular needs in mind. Its wide range of functionality makes Provet Cloud a popular choice among clinics in Europe. Although its capabilities extend from inventory management and reporting to communication, billing, and invoicing, Provet Cloud users may and do want to integrate their platform with other tools and platforms for some advanced features. That’s where Peaka steps in with its ready-made connector, delivering benefits such as:


Peaka provides Provet Cloud with the extendability it needs, helping this platform connect to hundreds of databases and SaaS tools out there. By allowing users to merge Provet Cloud data with data from other sources, Peaka helps data flow to and from Provet Cloud, making it more flexible than ever.

Single source of truth for all operations

Among the external data sources you can connect Provet Cloud to are spreadsheet software like Google Sheets Documents or NoSQL databases like MongoDB that store different types of data. Removing the need to copy and move the data from one source to another, Peaka turns Provet Cloud into a single source of truth for your veterinary practice, where you can find any data related to your business needs and clientele.

Integrations with BI tools

One of the game-changing capabilities Peaka adds to Provet Cloud is the integrations it offers with some of the most powerful business intelligence (BI) platforms out there. Peaka can send Provet Cloud data to a BI tool like Metabase, Preset, Apache Superset, or Power BI so you can view your data as slick dashboards that tell a story. When you consolidate your data from different sources and visualize it as charts and graphs, you unveil trends and patterns that you may not otherwise notice. Additionally, dashboards also make it easier for you to share your insights with key decision-makers, informing data-driven decisions across your organization.

360-degree view of customers

Provet Cloud is a capable CRM platform, but there might be other CRMs like HubSpot or Teradata you’re using for different features. Pulling in customer data from other CRMs and joining it with your Provet Cloud data helps enrich the latter, giving you a 360-degree view of your customers, which you can use to improve your marketing campaigns.

Customer segmentation

Taking a deep dive into your revenue data can unveil many insights about the performance of your vet clinic. By fetching your revenue data from a payment processing platform like Stripe and joining it with your Provet Cloud data, you can learn about your best customers, their demographic attributes, your best-performing clinics, and the most promising locations for future expansion plans. Such insights facilitate customer segmentation, enabling you to hone your pricing and marketing efforts for different customer segments.


Being able to access the data you need and merge it with other pieces of data should not exclusively be for enterprises. Startups and SMBs, too, have a right to make data-driven decisions and grow. For vet clinics, veterinary management software like Provet Cloud can centralize data, which is a good first step. To extend this platform so it can work with all the data sources you use, you need Peaka’s Provet Cloud connector.

Whether you are running a single vet clinic or twenty-five of them, this connector makes it a breeze to pull in and join data from a wide range of databases and SaaS tools, helping you achieve a single view of truth for your business.

Check out Peaka’s growing library of custom connectors and book a free demo to see Peaka in action!


Frequently Asked Questions

<p>Provet Cloud is a veterinary practice management software specifically developed for vet clinics. It allows users to monitor and manage various aspects of a veterinary practice from a single platform while serving as a dedicated CRM.</p>
<p>Peaka’s Provet Cloud connector allows this dedicated vet practice management software to easily pull in and join data from various data sources. Thanks to this connector, users can</p> <p>- Integrate Provet Cloud with the other data sources in their data stack,</p> <p>- Form a single source of truth for veterinary clinics,</p> <p>- Visualize their consolidated data with BI tools,</p> <p>- Gain deeper insights into their customers,</p> <p>- Conduct better customer segmentation with new insights.</p>
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