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The Best Zapier Alternatives of 2022
The Best Zapier Alternatives of 2022
Bruce McFadden
Bruce McFadden Peaka / Seasoned Taskmaster

The Best Zapier Alternatives of 2022

Did you know that more than 67 percent of global workers feel they are doing the same monotonous tasks over and over during their day? More than two-thirds of the workforce think they are wasting time answering the same emails or completing tasks that should otherwise be automated.

Think about all that lost resource allocation. If those same workers could free up time to focus more on customer needs and less on back-office tasks, they could explode the revenue potential for their company. These workers could benefit from automation software like Zapier.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online platform that connects your apps with the services you use the most. It automates routine tasks without needing customized integration. For example, imagine you’re a real estate agent trying to build leads and develop a strong network of buyers and sellers. With Zapier, you could use a Google lead sheet where prospective clients enter their contact information on your website. Then, every time a new customer is signed up to receive more information, Zapier automatically sends them a personalized letter. This cuts down on your time fostering that lead.

Basically, Zapier lets you control “If/Then” statements throughout your digital ecosystem. It allows you to create trigger events where “if” one thing happens, “then” another thing is the result. If you send a Tweet, then it is resent to your Facebook feed. If a customer leaves a review on your site, then you receive an email notifying your team to review the contents.

Zapier is a valuable tool to automate your business and help reallocate your precious resources. But, like everything else, it never hurts seeing what else is available on the market that could fit your company better or come in at a more attractive price point. So here are some excellent alternatives to Zapier in 2021.

1 - Integromat

Integromat is a no-code alternative to Zapier that simplifies, optimizes, and integrates business processes into apps and software suites. This alternative is best for users who enjoy more customized control over their automation and understand complex multi-step integrations. It is the opposite of Zapier in that it is more powerful but also more complicated to set up. As a result, you can get more bang for your buck, but only if you won’t be overwhelmed by a heavy user dashboard and possible combinations. 

Integromat offers a free pricing level for 1,000 operations and 100 MB of data transfer. You can also sign up for their paid Basic, Standard, Business, Platinum, and Custom plans to accommodate anywhere from 10,000 operations to more than 800,000 operations. That allows companies of all sizes to find a price point that will work with their automation needs.

Learn more about Integromat

2 -

This platform is a significant competitor to Zapier because of the number of actions users can process. Where Zapier offers only 2,000 tasks, would allow 10,000 at the same price point. It also serves a wide array of organizations worldwide across the majority of cloud-based services. All of that integration is a serious benefit.

This is the kind of Zapier alternative best designed for people with large newsletters or complex marketing campaigns that need CRM integration. They do offer a free plan for 300 actions and 5 bots. The paid plans are a bit more expensive than the average, but the value is definitely present.

Learn more about

3 - Outfunnel

Outfunnel is a cleaner marketing automation tool compared to Zapier. Once you set up a single automated campaign with your CRM, it will automate in the background based on data changes. Every customer touchpoint with your campaign (clicks, reads, etc.) gets recorded and put into context so you can adapt your campaign and retarget where needed.

This platform is more manageable than Zapier to set up but does not offer as many app connections. Before you sign up, you should review their info to ensure your company apps and services integrate adequately into the platform. Unfortunately, they do not have a free plan but do offer a free trial.

Learn more about Outfunnel

#4 - IFTTT

We wanted to mention this alternative specifically because it is so user-friendly for individuals and mobile devices. They offer a variety of plans that start at the free level for 3 “applets.” These applets allow you to create cross-platform If/Then workflows like we mentioned at the start of the article.

This is really useful for social media users who want to automatically post specific photos across different platforms or respond to certain comments with previously created text. IFTTT works great with mobile devices that have digital voice assistants. You can say something like, “Hey Siri, post that last photo,” and the most recent photo you took gets automatically sent to Instagram through the applet you created. 

Learn more about IFTTT


Zapier is a great way to automate your routine and repetitive tasks so you can focus on your customers. There are excellent alternatives to Zapier available across the digital landscape that offer lower rates, more tasks, and customized options. Whatever your current needs may be, there is most likely a task automation platform available. We think these 4 alternatives offer a wide array of services for most clients.

If you would like to learn more about all of the no-code digital solutions available, check out our blog. Even better, learn how to create your own completely customized digital apps without needing any programming by viewing our demos at Peaka. We look forward to hearing from you!

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