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Best No-Code Communities, Curated Lists & Resources in 2023
Best No-Code Communities, Curated Lists & Resources in 2023
Bruce McFadden
Bruce McFadden Peaka / Seasoned Taskmaster

Best No-Code Communities, Curated Lists & Resources in 2023

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of no-code app development and technical problems. By 2030, the global low-code development platform market is expected to produce $187 billion in revenue and account for more than 65% of app development by 2024.

It’s simple, really. The more people with access to no-code tools that don’t require years of development education or skills, the faster new products will enter the marketplace. The world is full of creative people eager to find new ways of introducing their latest time-saving app or entertaining video game.

That is why we wanted to highlight some of the no-code, low-code community resources that have been mentioned frequently by our customers and guests. Many of these sites and tutorials are perfect for the beginner looking to get started with no-code platforms for their next MVP project. Here is our list of the best no-code communities and resources in 2022.

1 - Popupsmart 694 No-Code Tools

Popupsmart put together an amazingly comprehensive list of the latest and greatest no-code apps available online right now. They based their list on the low-code tools that are most frequently upvoted by users on Producthunt. Producthunt is an American website dedicated to sharing new products and discoveries based on user submissions. Popupsmart has an excellent array of mobile apps, no-code websites, and tech products sure to enhance your next project.

2 -

The aptly named Nocodelist has over 300 no-code tools and products broken down by different categories. You can find excellent no-code apps for solving everything from working in the Blockchain to designing your own communities section of your website. The goal of the project is to identify those perfect no-code software solutions using user-driven upvotes and endorsements. This is a great place for beginners to get their feet wet before taking a deep dive into their specific niche.

3 - NoCodeDevs

NoCodeDevs was developed by famed no-code enthusiast Art West as a community that supports different creatives who want to connect and share stories about no-code/low-code solutions to their everyday problems. Users post everything from quizzes to webinars about their digital transformation into the no-code world and using automation for their projects. You’ll find a lot of high-powered tech insiders using this platform to swap ideas.

4 - 100 Days of No-Code

100 Days of No-Code is a relatively newer community operating on a unique premise. Their underlying structure is that you should be able to complete any no-code project using available online resources by finishing 1% of the intended roadmap each day. By the end, you’ll have 100% completion in 100 days. They enforce this idea by using a public accountability system that is quite enlightening to follow. It gives you insight into how other groups and projects navigate the no-code platforms online.

5 - No-Code HQ

If you’re looking for more of the simple old-school sharing of project ideas, head over to No-Code HQ. This is a community of like-minded individuals showcasing their latest successes and challenges involved in their project development. There are excellent tutorials to learn no-code app development with templates and tools that anyone from the beginner to the expert can take advantage of using.

6 - Nucode

The unique thing about Nucode is the detailed sharing of projects being completed with no-code tools. They have a rich community of more than 2,800 members dedicated to getting into the nitty-gritty of how to overcome roadblocks. This is another no-code platform with decent tutorials and learning resources that can help out people who are a little lost in this industry niche.

7 - NoCode.Tech

We had to include a Slack community in our list because of the ease of using that platform for sharing information. NoCode.Tech is a little under 1,000 strong in its membership of incredible developers, designers, and innovators dedicated to showcasing their latest creations. On top of that, you get access to more than 200 tools and a “fortnightly” newsletter full of insightful industry news and relevant tech anyone in the no-code world would want to check out.

8 - NoCoders Academy

It would not be much of a list without some form of an academy. Just like the early days of learning DOS or Javascript, there is now an online no-code community with the goal of offering courses and tutorials for teaching everyone how to use low-code solutions for their next app or software solution. While we are getting a little overdosed on online courses, NoCoders Academy does a great job of separating out the resources so you can pick and choose without having to follow a considerable outline or curriculum.

9 - Makerpad

The more professional among us (i.e., those that can drop a few dollars) may want to head over to Makerpad. They have a vibrant pro membership of more than 1,500 developers that make up their community and feature new projects almost daily. You can watch video tutorials, attend online workshops, or join in challenges that push your limits as a no-code designer. This is a great place to build a portfolio if you are looking to start a career as a no-code developer or a firm offering services online.

10 -

This is another company that really nailed their name. is more on the crazy side of no-code app development that does not prescribe to any rule book. Their out-of-the-box solutions mix and match no-code tools from all kinds of sources for a truly unique outcome that will make you feel more MacGyver than Zuckerberg. We love the tools, topics, and showcases featured on this platform.

11 - NoCodeClub

Go and check out this website the first chance you get. They feature some of the coolest retro gaming visuals that you know means they have decent developers lurking in the background ready to answer your complicated no-code questions. NoCodeClub is a community of makers who use a gamified leaderboard as an interactive way to award members that collaborate and motivate newer members. It is a very cohesive community where everyone is willing to pitch in on solving a project challenge.

12 - No Code Founders

First things first, do not get intimidated by this community. The No-Code Founders community features, you guessed it, founders of no-code projects and solutions that have finished and are available on the market. They openly share the no-code tech stacks used and offer real-world advice for overcoming some of the more common challenges and roadblocks to getting a new idea to MVP.

13 - No Code MVP

Speaking of MVPs, how about a no-code platform dedicated to getting your new product as quickly as possible? With No Code MVP you’re treated to intense tutorials that will accelerate your roadmaps with a more agile response to fixes, repairs, and solutions. Admittedly, this is a messy “get the project out” kind of style, but it does the job well and teaches you a ton about the business of no-code app development.

14 - Webflow University

This is another of our “academy” resources that we thought we should feature. While it doesn’t have the scrappy style or rushed sense of producing a product as other no-code platforms, it does offer a ton of valuable insights and lessons taught by industry professionals. We suggest Webflow University for those readers who prefer a bit more structure to their online learning.

15 - Nocodify

We thought it would serve our readers well if we included a secondary no-code source of information from another well-structured company. Nocodify focuses on the individual step-by-step guidance of building a new app using no-code visual development. This is an excellent tool for those that want a more drag-and-drop experience in their online education.

16 - Hello Guru

Hello Guru is a great place to start for those with absolutely no background in tech whatsoever. First off, we love the name. Secondly, this is a highly visual learning system that breaks down the individual tech and features being used in the no-code community. This means you have a lot more simplified instruction and tutorials available than the high-level information from entrepreneurs and developers who have already completed projects.

Wrapping it Up

No matter where you stand in the no-code world, plenty of no-code/low-code tools, platforms, apps, and tutorials are readily available online. Many communities have grown up around the complicated world of app development and are more than ready to make the change over to a no-code solution. When you join these communities, you’re bound to find an enthusiastic group of developers and designers eager to share their ideas, questions, projects, and provide you with pathways to new resources as they are announced. Whatever your style of learning, there is a no-code solution for you.

If you’re ready to jump feet first into the low-code, no-code world, why not start with our professional experts at Peaka? We offer an easy-to-understand way of building web apps and frictionless projects using visual editors that anyone can pick up. This is an excellent resource from our developers, who understand the demand beginners and seasoned creatives have for customizable tools.

You can schedule a demo with us at Peaka by visiting our site and checking out the many solutions available for your next project.

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