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Our data was fractured: The problem stemmed from our inability to join the data in our internal Postgre database with the data we have in the SaaS tools we use.

We tried some data integration tools that were able to pull in data from a few SaaS tools, but they fell short of joining that data with the one from the internal database. Peaka solved this problem, allowing us to form a single view of truth for the first time.

Another point Peaka helped us with was adding time stamps to data points that lacked them. The lack of time stamps prevented us from querying our historical data. With Peaka, we were able to take a snapshot of a data point and add a time stamp to it, turning it into time-based data. This transformed the insights we could gain from our data.

Our data was siloed prior to switching to Peaka, and this hurt our bottom line. We keep our customer info and email addresses on HubSpot. We use Segment for tracking and storing event data. Then, we have DynamoDB for the app IDs and flow IDs to match events to the relevant email addresses.

The problem was the amount of the Segment data and how to handle it. Normal databases came up short, and databases for big data were quickly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data being pumped by Segment.

We can now send any event data to Peaka to cross-join it with the rest of our data and draw insights we could not before. We achieved this without having to invest in sophisticated infrastructure to buffer data and load a big chunk of it in one move via bulk-insert.

Having used Peaka to integrate HubSpot, Segment, and Dynamo DB data, we can finally have a holistic view of our product data. Doing that helps us recognize the patterns in how our customers convert and upgrade. We can use this insight to adjust our messaging for users in different stages of their customer journeys, improving conversion and capitalizing on upselling opportunities.

Peaka’s impact on our business has been spectacular.

Our micro-mobility solution runs on a heap of data scattered over Postgre, MongoDB, and internal databases. We have branches in different cities that need dashboards with differing levels of authorization to access data relevant to their job definition. Prior to Peaka, we used Redash to build these dashboards for a long time. However, the fact that queries were sent over the front end in Redash created security risks for operations.

Peaka revolutionized queries for us by allowing us to run queries for every employee and city and call them from the back end with a unique call ID. This eliminated the risk of exposing data to unauthorized people, giving us peace of mind like never before.

Bringing together our scattered data using Google Sheets involved too much effort and was prone to human error in each copy-and-past action.

Using BigQuery to query our data had its drawbacks as well: It got expensive really quickly, which led us to turn on the system only when we needed to run queries.

Peaka is always on because we are only charged for the queries we run, which allows us to do the same job for one-fiftieth of the previous cost. We have used Peaka to build flows to automate reports and create triggers for scheduled batch jobs.

Peaka has been a godsend in our efforts to do more with less.

Our in-house data is relatively well-organized and easy to access. Our data integration challenges stem from the very nature of our business, which requires us to work with different insurance companies and 3rd parties in every case. For example, we have to reconcile our records with the insurance company's records whenever we receive a payment. We have to pull in data from government databases or new partners in every state we expand into. This uncertainty renders our data needs rather unpredictable.

What we needed was the ability to connect with generic APIs from 3rd parties we worked with. Peaka helped us do just that. It enabled us to use every API, even the ones Peaka had no ready-made connectors for, pull in data from different data sources, and view that data as a table in real-time. The speed and flexibility Peaka has afforded us proved priceless for our business.


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