connect-provet-with-peaka PROVET CLOUD CONNECTOR

Integrate with all your databases, SaaS platforms, and BI tools. Create a single source of truth for your veterinary practice.

What does Provet Cloud do?

Provet Cloud is a cloud-based veterinary practice management software for managing various aspects of a veterinary clinic. With Provet Cloud, users can access patient records, manage inventory, view appointments, automate billing and invoicing, and generate reports on overall financial and departmental performance.

Why integrate with Provet Cloud?

By joining Provet Cloud with other databases such as MongoDB or Teradata, you can gain a 360-degree view of your customers and offer services customized to their specific needs.

Connecting Provet Cloud to other data sources helps form a single source of truth and a holistic view of your business operations, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Sending Provet Cloud data to a BI tool like Metabase or Power BI allows you to visualize your tabular data as charts and graphs, letting you discover hidden trends and patterns in consultations, veterinary performance, or revenue.

Joining Provet Cloud data with payment data from a platform like Stripe gives you visibility into the demographics of your highest-value customers or the locations of your best-performing clinics, facilitating customer segmentation and data-driven decisions.


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