One-click Hubspot-Stripe integration.

Real-time reports. Actionable insights.


What can you do with Peaka's HubSpot-Stripe connector?

Enrich revenue data from Stripe with the customer data from HubSpot.

Edit and query your consolidated data and see how your revenue changes in relation to customer attributes.

Understand who your best-fit customers are and adjust your messaging accordingly.

What can you do with Peaka's HubSpot-Stripe connector?

How does Peaka’s HubSpot-Stripe integration compare to ProfitWell RevConnect?

ProfitWell RevConnect is a popular HubSpot-Stripe connector, albeit one with a few shortcomings. Peaka offers a marked improvement over ProfitWell in three different areas:

bullet-icon Custom filters to pull in just what is needed
bullet-icon Flexible querying independent of data structure
bullet-icon Dynamic reports, charts, and dashboards
separater-vertical separater-horizantal
ProfitWell RevConnect ProfitWell RevConnect
bullet-icon No filters for keeping unwanted data out
bullet-icon Requires data structure to match the structure in HubSpot
bullet-icon Limited to the HubSpot infrastructure for displaying data
Explore Peaka and try how you can bring your SaaS data together

union-icon Unified data, powerful insights

Reports you can generate with Peaka

Country-based MRR by the pricing plan

Find out how your MRR changes across different countries and pricing plans. Learn where your best-fit customers are located and create marketing campaigns targeting specific demographics.


Industry-based MRR by the pricing plan

Subscriptions in some industries are subject to seasonality. Understanding how demand for specific pricing plans changes throughout the year helps you better schedule your outreach and maximize conversion rates.


Company-size-based MRR by the pricing plan

Company size is an indispensable element of your customer segmentation efforts. Pull in your revenue and pricing plan data from Stripe, blend it with the company size data from HubSpot, and you can now identify the type of companies your product is popular with.


And many more..

Country-based churned MRR by the pricing plan

Take a better look at the fall in your MRR resulting from canceled subscriptions and how it changes in relation to the pricing plan and country.

Industry-based ARR by the pricing plan

Find out how your annual revenue from a pricing plan deal varies across different industries.

Funding-based MRR by the pricing plan

This report reveals how your product and messaging resonate with customers in different funding stages.

IPO-based MRR by the pricing plan

Discover how much of your revenue comes from public companies and the pricing plans they have subscribed to.

Country-based customer lifetime value by the pricing plan

Where are your most valuable customers located? Which pricing plans do they prefer? Find out with this report.

Industry-based average revenue per user (ARPU) by the pricing plan

Break down your ARPU data into components and see how it varies across pricing plans and industries.

Explore Peaka and see how you can bring your SaaS data together

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