Data integration made easy, affordable, and resource-efficient

Spend less time on integration, more time on insights!

Build your data stack in minutes instead of months. Connect your data sources and start reaping the benefits right away at the click of a button.

Replace manual processes with state-of-the-art data virtualization tech. Let your teammates spend their time creating actual value instead of piecing together scattered data.

Save yourself the hassle of lobbying for expensive, complicated data integration solutions. Avoid the unpleasant bureaucratic tug-of-war on budget and implementation. Introduce one-click data integration at your organization.

A lean, purpose-built solution for startups and SMBs

Don’t settle for less-than-optimal enterprise solutions. Choose the features you need, leave out what you don’t need, and build the product that fits your specifications like a glove.

Save the money and engineering hours you would otherwise spend to set up and maintain a less-than-optimal enterprise-grade data integration product.

Achieve more with less

Use Peaka’s rich suite of connectors instead of relying on ETLs. Divert your engineering resources to tasks other than building and maintaining ETLs.

Don’t get lost in scripts and logs. Empower your teammates and let them self-serve without being reliant on a data team.

Explore Peaka and see how you can bring your SaaS data together
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