What Peaka does

Peaka is a ‘logical data warehouse,’ to use Gartner’s terminology. We are a platform that merges disparate data sources into a single data layer, letting you join & blend them, query them using SQL or natural language, and expose your data to outside users through APIs.

We offer people and organizations an affordable alternative to the capital-intensive and overly complex data integration solutions in the market.

Peaka’s Mission

To democratize data integration for organizations of all sizes and means.

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Peaka’s Vision

We envision becoming an all-in-one platform for data access, integration, and utilization while offering the most user-friendly system.

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Principles we live by
Simplicity and abstraction

While managing a sophisticated data stack, users will not need to know the details of the data architecture. The data architecture will be fluid and dynamic and will be continuously and automatically migrated to the best available option according to the usage patterns.

Customer success as the best way of selling a product

We will always ensure that our customers get the best out of our platform and succeed in their jobs.

Optimal performance

Managing a dynamic data architecture will not always allow for the best-in-class performance. However, our customers will always get the optimal performance from our systems.

Fair pricing

We will always charge according to the usage and the value we create. We will not abuse any situation.


The journey of a tight-knit group of experienced tech leaders and young, ambitious developers willing to tackle unsolved problems.

2021 timeline-point
“No-code” beginnings

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Peaka was founded at the beginning of 2021 as Code2, a no-code application platform with a drag-and-drop visual interface for developing fully-functional customer-facing web apps. The company set out to lower technical barriers for people without coding knowledge.

2022 timeline-point
Discovering the real problem

Code2 found success by serving thousands of customers over a short period of time. However, the true pain point for users turned out to be bringing their data together. This prompted our founder and CEO Mustafa Sakalsız to look for an innovative solution to the data integration problem startups and SMBs had.

2023 timeline-point
A novel approach

With this change in focus, Code2 was rebranded as Peaka at the beginning of 2023 and launched its data integration platform in June. Using the data virtualization technique and a host of connectors and APIs to unify data and expose it to other data consumers, the platform simplifies the data integration process for users, helping them save money and precious engineering hours.


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