Peaka - Modernizing the 'modern' data stack with Zero-ETL | Product Hunt Peaka - Modernizing the 'modern' data stack with Zero-ETL | Product Hunt

Zero - ETL data integration platform

Integrate all your data sources— relational and NoSQL databases, SaaS tools, and APIs. Query them as a single data source immediately.

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ETL-based integration

  • Complicated architecture
  • Difficult to build
  • Expensive to run and maintain
  • Prone to failure

Zero-ETL integration

  • Lean architecture
  • Easy to build
  • Minimal running and maintenance costs
  • Failproof

Query data directly from its source, in real-time

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Federated Query

Process data wherever it is. Query, cache, and blend data from different sources.

Streaming Ingestion

Use webhooks to ingest streaming data from Kafka, Segment, etc., into the Peaka BI Table.

Instant Replication with CDC

Replace nightly one-time batch ingestion with real-time data access.


Get the most out of your existing stack and build new integrations

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Treat every data source like a relational database. Convert any API to a table, and blend and join it with your other data sources.

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Use the familiar SQL to run queries in NoSQL databases. Retrieve data from both SQL and NoSQL databases utilizing the same skill set.

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Query and filter your consolidated data to form new data sets. Expose them with APIs to serve other apps and systems.


Build your data stack in minutes instead of months
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traffic barge Build a Data Team
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Do not get bogged down in scripts and logs while setting up your data stack. Eliminate the burden of building, managing, and maintaining ETL pipelines.
Get rid of the time-consuming data preparation and transformation processes in your data integration process. Cut operational and maintenance costs as you remove the need for costly data engineering teams

Data Democratization

Do more with less
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Self-service Integration

Leverage a wide range of ready-made connectors to pull in data from the most popular SaaS tools with one click.

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Generate SQL with AI

Use AI to save up to 50 percent of the time you would otherwise spend on SQL-related tasks. Write queries faster and minimize errors.

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Share Your Insights

Make data readily available to business users at your organization without investing in complicated systems or overwhelming your engineers.

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We’ve discovered that 80% of the tools we use for our data stack have rigged pricing models. Instead of deploying $100,000s towards overhyped systems, Peaka allows us to maximize our data’s potential for much less.

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Maintaining our data pipeline drained our budget without providing value. Peaka’s cutting-edge zero-ETL replaced our nightly batch ingestion with real-time data without the ETL and maintenance hassle.

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We were able to allocate 70% of our developers' time back to them by reducing back-and-forth conversations about pulling and interpreting reports on complex datasets. What Figma did for designers, Peaka did it for our business teams.

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Our business operates across multiple states and engages with various legislations and third-party apps. Peaka’s adaptability effectively meets all our data challenges in this complex environment.

Explore Peaka and see how you can bring your SaaS data together


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