How to create variables in Peaka

An overview of how you can create variables in your app

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to create variables in Peaka.

Accessing Variables

  1. Navigate to the variables section: Start by clicking on the "Variables" button located at the top of the Peaka interface, as shown in the image below:
open variables modal button view
  1. Choose variable type: After clicking on the "Variables" button, you'll have the option to create either "Page Variables" or "App Variables." Select the type of variable you want to create based on your project's needs.
app variables modal view

Creating a New Variable

  1. Add a new variable: Click on the "New Variable" button

    • Name: Assign a unique name to your variable.
    • Value: Define the initial value for your variable.
    • Type: Select the data type for your variable.
adding new app variables modal view
  1. Save your variable: After providing the required information, click on the "Save" button. Your variable will be created and added to the specified scope, ready for use in your Peaka project.
success creating an app variable view


Variables in Peaka offer a versatile way to store and manage data within your applications. Whether you need page-specific or app-wide variables, Peaka makes it easy to define and utilize them in your projects.