A component describing the subject of the content below

A title component is used to describe the subject or topic of the content that follows, providing options for selecting the title type, level, and style.

title component of Peaka

Key Features

Title components offer the following key features:

  • Title Types and Levels: Titles come with various types and levels that users can choose from to determine the style and hierarchy of the title.

  • Heading Sizes: Titles have different heading sizes that can be customized to match the desired visual hierarchy. Heading sizes range from H1 (largest) to H6 (smallest), with font sizes decreasing accordingly.

  • Styles: Customize the initial styles of titles to align with your application's design, including font size, color, and style.

How to Use Titles

To use title components in your application, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Title Type and Level: Choose the appropriate title type and level from the available options to determine the style and hierarchy of the title.

  2. Heading Size: Customize the heading size of the title to establish the desired visual hierarchy within your content.

Use Cases

Title components are commonly used in various scenarios, including:

  • Content organization: Use titles to structure and organize content, such as articles, reports, or documentation, with clear headings and hierarchy.

  • Section headers: Employ titles as section headers to introduce and separate different sections of content.

  • Page titles: Utilize titles to display the main title of a web page or document, providing users with a clear indication of the page's subject.

  • Headers and footers: Incorporate titles into headers or footers to display page titles, logos, or other important information.

Title components enhance the organization and presentation of content within your application, ensuring a clear and structured user experience.