A component for showing text content

The label component in Peaka empowers you to effortlessly showcase text content with style in your web applications.

label component of Peaka

Key Features

  • Text Display: Easily input and display text content within your applications.

  • Custom Styling: Tailor the appearance of your text labels to match your project's design.

  • Versatility: Use labels for headings, descriptions, information display, and more.

How to Use Labels

  1. Adding text: Simply enter your desired text into the "Content" field in the Label's properties.

  2. Styling options: Customize fonts, colors, sizes, and more to suit your website's aesthetics.

Use Cases

  • Information display: Effectively convey information, headings, and descriptions.

  • Visual appeal: Enhance your web application's appearance with beautifully styled text.

  • Versatile usage: Utilize labels for various text-based content needs in your projects.

The label component provides an elegant solution for presenting text content, making it a valuable asset for Peaka projects.