A component for entering and customizing rich text

An editor is a user interface component that allows users to input and format rich text.

editor component of Peaka

Key Features

Editors provide the following key features:

  • Formatting Options: Editors are equipped with common formatting options such as bold and italics to enhance text appearance.

  • Value: The "Value" property represents the content of the editor. You can set an initial value or retrieve and modify the content programmatically.

  • Label: The label is the text displayed above the editor, providing context for the user.

  • Label Placement: The label placement determines whether the label is positioned above the editor or to the left of the editor.

  • Hint: A hint can be displayed below the editor to offer additional guidance or information.

  • Read-only: By default, the "Read-only" property is unchecked, allowing users to edit the content. Check it if you want to make the editor unchangeable.

  • Styles: Customize the initial styles of the editor to match your application's design.

How to Use Editors

To use editors in your application, follow these steps:

  1. Value: Utilize the "Value" property to set or retrieve the content of the editor.

  2. Label: Add a descriptive label above the editor to provide context for the user.

  3. Hint: Include a hint below the editor to offer additional guidance or instructions to users.

  4. Read-only state: Use the "Read-only" property to make the editor unchangeable if needed.

Use Cases

Editors are commonly used in various scenarios, including:

  • Text editing: Allow users to create and format rich text content, such as articles, blog posts, or emails.

  • Comments and feedback: Enable users to leave comments or feedback in a formatted manner.

  • Document editing: Implement editors for document creation, editing, and collaboration.

  • Content management: Use editors for content management systems to create and update web content.

Editors enhance user interactions by providing a flexible and user-friendly interface for text input and formatting.