Data Table

A component used to display data in a structured table format

The data table component in Peaka allows you to display your data in a structured table format.


Key Features

  • Data integration: Connect internal data, SQL Queries, or connectors to populate the table.

  • Custom styling: Tailor the table's appearance to align with your project's visual identity.

  • Column mapping: Easily select the data fields you want to display within the table.

  • Data filtering: Utilize the Filter | Visual SQL Editor feature for advanced data filtering.

How to Use Data Tables

  1. Connect data: Access the table's properties to link it to your data sources.

  2. Customize styles: Modify the table's appearance as needed.

  3. Column selection: Use the Column Mapping feature to choose the data fields for display.

  4. Advanced filtering: Employ the Filter | Visual SQL Editor for precise data filtering.

Use Cases

  • Data presentation: Showcase information in an organized tabular format.

  • Data analysis: Efficiently analyze and explore large datasets.

  • User interaction: Enable users to interact with and explore data.

The data table component simplifies data presentation and analysis, making it a valuable tool in Peaka projects.