A component that shows your data in graphical format

Peaka offers a variety of chart components, including line charts, area charts, bar charts, column charts, and pie charts, to visualize your data effectively.

Key Features

All chart types share common properties, which are explained below:

properties of bar chart component
  • Data Source: Choose between "Internal Data" or a "Peaka Query" as the data source for your chart.

  • Filtering: Utilize the Visual SQL Editor to filter and refine your data source.

filter visual sql editor modal of a chart component
  • Title: Display a text title at the top of the chart.

  • Subtitle: Add supplementary text below the chart title.

  • Y Axis Title: Specify the name of the Y-axis (Note: Pie charts do not have a Y-axis).

  • Stacking: For bar charts only, stack bars to show data comparisons.

bar chart component of Peaka
  • Show Markers: Toggle the "Show Markers" switch to display data value points as dots on the chart.
line chart component of Peaka
  • Show Label: Toggle the "Show Label" switch to display all values on the chart.
column chart component of Peaka
  • Show Legend: Enable the "Show Legend" switch to display a legend at the bottom of the chart.
line chart component for showing legend tags
  • Show Tooltip: Turn on the "Show Tooltip" switch to show values as tooltips.

    pie chart component of Peaka
  • Show Loading: Use the "Show Loading" switch to indicate a chart's loading status.

bar chart component for showing loading state
  • Colors: Customize background and font colors using your color set.
colors section of a chart component

Chart Types

Area Chart

An area chart combines features of line and bar charts to represent changes in quantities over time.

area chart component

Bar Chart

A bar chart represents numerical values with bars of equal width, where the height or length of the bars corresponds to the values.

bar chart component

Column Chart

A column chart displays data categories as vertical bars or rectangles.

column chart component

Line Chart

A line chart connects data points with a continuous line, often used to depict historical price or data trends.

line chart component

Pie Chart

A pie chart divides a circle into sectors, each representing a proportion of the whole.

pie chart component

Combined Chart

A combined chart is a visualization that combines the features of the bar chart and the line chart.

combined chart component

Charts in Peaka offer powerful data visualization options, allowing you to represent and analyze data effectively. Customize your charts to match your application's style and present your data with clarity.