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What are frontend triggers and actions?

Introducing two fundamental frontend concepts

In Peaka, every component has a flow, and users can add actions to a selected component in every flow.

First, click on the component you want to select and turn the 'Show Flow' switch on, as seen in the image below.

After opening the flow of the selected component, click on the 'Create a new flow' button and select a trigger.

Triggers are the actions that will be initiated upon a situation you select. Peaka has various triggers depending on the component type.

For instance, the button component has three triggers: 'On Click', 'On Mouse Enter', and 'On Mouse Leave,' as shown in the image below.

Actions are the things you want to do with triggers. Peaka has various actions like 'Set Variable', 'Get a record'... The image below shows some of the actions in Peaka.