How to preview your project in Peaka

Building Projects and Dashboards: Learn how you can perform a quick rehearsal of your project.

Previewing your project in Peaka allows you to check its functionality, appearance, and identify potential issues before publishing it to your audience. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to preview your project.

Using the Preview Feature

  1. Locate the "Preview" button: Begin by finding the Preview button at the top-right section of the Peaka interface as shown below:
preview icon of project
  1. Open the "Preview" page: Clicking on the Preview button will open a new tab containing your deployed project. This preview allows you to:

    • Interact with your project to ensure all components and features work correctly.
    • Identify and address any bugs or issues.
    • Verify that the user interface (UI) and functionality meet your expectations.
showing page in preview mode

That's it! You've successfully previewed your project.

Previewing your project is a crucial step in the development process. It enables you to fine-tune your project, make necessary adjustments, and ensure a seamless user experience before sharing it with your audience.