How to add data from a SaaS connector

Building Projects and Dashboards: Learn how you can display data from a SaaS connector in design mode.

How to Display Data from a SaaS Connector in Design Mode

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of displaying data from a SaaS connector in design mode.

Before you can display data, make sure you have successfully connected your SaaS connector. If you need assistance with the connection process, you can refer to our connecting data guide.

Using a Data Table Component

To display your SaaS connector's data in design mode, you'll utilize a Data Table component. Follow these steps:

  1. Select a data source: Click on the Data Source property of a Data Table component. You will have the option to choose from a Peaka Table, a Peaka Query, or a Saas connector. In this example, we'll focus on using a Saas connector, specifically HubSpot.
selecting data source for data table
  1. Choose a table: A SaaS connector typically provides multiple tables. Select the table you want to work with. For this illustration, we are going to use the 'Companies' table.
showing data in data table component
  1. Column mapping: After selecting the table, you'll see the columns displayed within the Data Table component. If needed, you can click on the Open Column Mapping button to further customize which columns to display. This feature allows you to select specific columns and adjust their order.
selecting column for data table
  1. Filtering data: To filter your data, you can use the Visual SQL Editor. Click on the Filter | Visual SQL Editor button to open this editor. If you require additional information on how to use the Visual SQL Editor for data filtering, you can refer to our related guide.
filtering data of data table component

That's it! You've successfully displayed data from your SaaS connector in design mode. You can now integrate and visualize your data seamlessly within your project.