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Adding a Data from a SaaS Connector

How to add a data from a Saas Connector in design mode

This article will mention how to show your data from a saas connector in design mode.

Before showing your data in design mode, you need to connect your saas connector. If you don't know it, you can check this article.

Users can show their data in a data table component. When users click the data source property of a data table, they can select Peaka Table, Peaka Query, or Saas Connector. In this article, we will continue with a saas connector which is HubSpot. A saas connector has tables more than one, and we will select companies table to select as you see in the image below.

After selecting a table of the saas, it will be shown in the table as you see in the image below.

Users can select the columns which they want when clicking the Open Column Mapping button. It will open a modal, and users can select from there. Also, they can change the order of columns.

Also, users can filter the data with Visual SQL Editor. It will open when clicking the Filter | Visual SQL Editor button. If you want to know more information about it, you can check this article.