Move fast and  break create things

Ideate, validate, and create in minutes instead of days

Remove technical barriers with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop UI. Validate your ideas without relying on developers.

Quickly build out your designs with Peaka’s pre-made UI blocks. Save your time and energy for the stuff that matters while Peaka handles boilerplate items for you.

Jumpstart your projects with ready-made templates. Turn your ideas into proofs-of-concept and MVPs without having to code everything from scratch.

Build the software your job demands, without code

Replace expensive and underperforming off-the-shelf software with internal tools that your domain experts can create. Give people who face the problems a capable platform to solve them.

Fast-track your app development with Peaka’s template apps. Pick the one that fits your use case, customize it as you like, and deploy it right away to solve problems.

Harness data to power your growth

Bring your data together and use it to power dashboards, one-click reports, and responsive web apps.

Make sure your data is in sync and that all your business runs on the same data.

Explore Peaka and see how you can bring your SaaS data together
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